Clinton Foundation insider, Eric Braverman, has been the subject of an investigation since his sudden disappearance from Twitter in mid-October,2016.  The investigator is George Webb who has been doing daily installations on his YouTube channel since that time. Braverman has turned up, but the investigation has led to Haiti and the Clinton Foundation's involvement in […]

George Webb on Eric Braverman

This article is reproduced from the magazine Nature. The article was first published on February 28, 2013. Credit: NASA When NASA scientists launched twin spacecraft to probe the Van Allen radiation belts last summer, they were expecting to study two rings of high-energy particles circling Earth. Instead they found three, overturning a 50-year-old […]

Third Van Allen Radiation Belt

 This is an excellent article by Dr. Tom Horn and his wife on the history behind the current trends in the re-engineering of man into Neo Adam. This is the transhumanist dream but in reality is the nightmare of Genesis 6, the antediluvian world. A world of corrupt cross breeding […]

Transhumanism and the Genesis 6 Conspiracy

“My husband and I keep pertinent Peanuts cartoons on desks and bulletin boards as guards against pomposity.” For half a century, Charles M. Schulz (November 26, 1922–February 12, 2000) made an art of difficult emotions while delighting the world with his enormously influential Peanuts. The 17,897 comic strips he published […]

Charles M. Schulz, Civil Rights, and the Art of Peanuts

“Third things are essential to marriages, objects or practices or habits or arts or institutions or games or human beings that provide a site of joint rapture or contentment.” “The encounter between two differences is an event,” French philosopher Alain Badiou wrote in his tremendous treatise on why we fall […]

The Third Thing: Poet Donald Hall on the Secret to ...

“Everything pours forth. Photographs their history. Books their words. Walls their sounds.” “Oh, to be reborn within the pages of a book,” Patti Smith exhales within the pages of M Train (public library) — her astonishingly beautiful meditation on time, transformation, and how the radiance of love redeems the rupture […]

Patti Smith on the Two Kinds of Masterpieces and Her ...

“However meaningless and vain, however dead life appears, the man of faith, of energy, of warmth … steps in and does something.” During our recent conversation at the Boston Book Festival, the wise and wonderful Amanda Palmer spoke about the harrowing experience of watching her best friend die and reflected: […]

Vincent van Gogh on Fear, Taking Risks, and How Making ...