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Catherine Austin Fitts is no slouch. Austin Fitts cut her teeth as an MBA at the venerable Dillon, Read and Company, an investment bank with a 156 year history at the time. She managed to raise several billion dollars to revitalize the New York Subway system and was the first woman promoted to managing director of the company. Business week dubbed her “Wall Street’s foremost champion” of public utilities bonds. When appointed Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development she became known as the “cleaning lady of HUD” when charged with repairing that department’s reputation in the aftermath of the savings and loan crisis.

Austin Fits preferred the private sector and founded Hamilton Securities, an employee-owned brokerage house that came under scrutiny by the FBI and Securities Exchange Commission. She was on the government’s “naughty list” for having  revealed fraud and bid rigging at HUD, having cleaning things up at put an end to a system that had been lining the pockets of contractors and government workers. After years of harassment, Austin Fitts was completely exonerated and subsequently founded investment advisory firm Solari. She has written books disclosing government fraud and misappropriation of funds, exposing the “shadowing groups and powerful private and vested interests” that have taken over the world economy.

On today’s show I will be airing a vitally important interview with Catherine Austin Fitts which shines a light on the financial reset that lies behind the global pandemic the world has been experiencing for the past year. She provides the evidence needed for audience members to make up their own minds by doing their own research into a situation that, if left unabated, will lead to a restricting of the freedoms and rights we have taken for granted as well as the making of a “social credit” and digital scheme that, until recently, we could not have imagined. The implications are mind-boggling- nothing less than a monetary system that is controlled entirely by a small group of globalists who have already begun reaping unheard of profits at the expense of average citizens. This is a wake up call by a woman whose reputation and body of work has proven her credentials and I am going to play the entire interview for you today on CharacterDriven.

The audio quality is not even throughout, however I am choosing to air the interview for its content, knowing that the message is too important to exchange for production values. The video will be available on characterdriven dot com and I hope that you will post and pass along this information to friends and family. The best antidote to plans made in darkness is to expose them to the light.

Today on CharacterDriven, The Global Reset as explained by Catherine Austin Fitts. Enjoy the show.

Catherine Austin Fitts
Global Reset
Catherine Austin FittsGlobal Reset

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