Her Story

CharacterDriven founder, producer and broadcaster Joani Herron has been working in media all her life. In fact, her father and grandfather were filmmakers and photographers so it’s truly in her blood. Her weekly radio show features the people who are making a difference in the world and she is known to “rock the world view” of her audience members by featuring whistleblowers, activists and guests who have truly stepped out of their comfort zone.

At a very early age Joani began interviewing friends and family, asking them to tell their stories. She began taking theatre classes and working backstage on live productions as well as staging her own shows. Then, at the age of 16 she was offered an opportunity to produce and host fifteen minute segments for a television show on CHEK TV in Victoria, B.C., Canada. This early introduction to broadcasting set Joani on a lifelong course of producing, hosting and engineering various media projects.

As a published writer and photographer, Joani worked on location and in her studio. Her work garnered several awards and she was a featured artist in the “Women of this Decade” tour sponsored by the British Columbia government. As part of the Professional Photographers of Canada, her work was presented in various shows and she was awarded their first digital media trophy in 1995.

Joani’s work could be seen in The Islander (Victoria Times-Colonist) on the cover of “Island Parent” magazine among many other publications, and in the early 2000’s she moved from still photography to filmmaking, founding the Behind The Lens program for creative kids in 2002.

CharacterDriven emerged out of Joani’s philosophy that the hands-on, experience based filmmaking workshops teach more than production skills. Taking a unique character driven approach, the production team implements three life skills: adventure, imagination and honour. You can learn more about the workshops on the site.