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Welcome to the CharacterDriven Community. Many of you are here because you’ve been part of the radio, television or internet audience and we’re so glad that you’ve dropped by the site. We encourage people to get involved here by becoming members- it’s totally free and free of ads as we are a donor based organization. The goal is to bring you the information that you need to do your own research and to think critically about the perspectives brought forward by guests.

You’ll also notice that we have a store with items that are themed after our shows and guests. These are great icebreakers and, hopefully, will be a way of engaging with others who are unfamiliar with the idea that the world is not always as advertised. The red pill can be tough to swallow, so we try to find and create the resources that open up conversations that allow you to put your own knowledge to work.

And that’s where the forum comes in, as well as the members-only part of the site where you can discuss your ideas freely as part of a group. After all, free speech is what we are all trying to preserve, no matter how difficult it can be at time to wade through the myriad players in the disinfo war. It truly is a battle for your mind- the only thing that can’t be taken from you- so post your memes and try out your ideas with the other people who are truly seeking to find their way through the mire.

Most of all, enjoy each other. Care for each other. Make this a place where you can work through questions and issues peacefully even where opinions may vary vastly. We’re here to help you in that process and, hopefully, you can help us as well!