Make Me An Angel

For over two decades Joani has been “immortalizing” little angels. Beginning at her studio in Brentwood Bay, BC she began working with wings and gossamer, printing the finished image on watercolour paper in her on-site darkroom.

As the cover photographer for Island Parent Magazine, Joani gain a reputation for her innovative, quality work. As an award-winning member of the Professional Photographers of Canada/British Columbia, she received recognition for her photography in a variety of fields, particularly with children and wedding couples and with the then-emerging field of digital media. In 1995 she was the first member to win a trophy for her unique combination of traditional and digital work. Ten years earlier her work was chosen to be included in the “Year of the Woman” touring exhibit sponsored by the British Columbia government.

The technology has changed since those days, but Joani’s attention to detail and craftsmanship remains the hallmark of her work as a photographer. As the mom of six kids herself, she has always had an affinity for photographing children and continues to hone her craft.

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