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Steve Heizer Interview

An interview with luthier extraordinaire, Steve Heizer. Whether on camera or behind the scenes, Joani has been producing and hosting radio and television shows for decades. Her on line presence began in the 1990's when she began sharing images from her photography studio. Beginning in 2002 she began creating videos that could be shared online, later to be known as live streaming content.

This little introduction combines Joani's love of media with her curiosity about the skills and interests of others as well as a life long love of music. Enjoy this little piece from her work with Shaw TV.`

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Joani is a 3rd generation photographer/filmmaker. She was  6 years old when her mom became ill and that's when Joani's dad invited her to join him the darkroom, introducing her to the magical world of photography. What was meant to be a caregiving stint grew into a love of photography which continues to this day. Her work in theatre led to her being offered a weekly 15 minute television segment on CHEK TV in Victoria, BC, Canada at the age of sixteen. Whether covering a drama festival or doing an in studio interview, Joani was given the opportunity of producing the show from scratch and working with camera operators and post production staff. As with theatre, she preferred working behind the scenes rather than on camera, but her hosting skills have come in handy over the years whether in the limelight or behind a microphone on her weekly radio show.

Joani has taught theatre and filmmaking to the next generation of creators as a means of paying it forward, and as founder of Character Driven Media she has expanded her role as media creator and event coordinator to include a means of offering services to her own community and a global audience via a membership model.



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