February 3, 2018

Posted on February 3, 2018

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Is truth important? Why? Today in the Psyop Recover room we’ll be be talking about the way that the narrative is created by media personalities like Cathy Newman. Cathy is now famous- or infamous- for rephrasing her guest’s questions in rather inane ways, beginning with the phrase “so you’re saying”. Of course, Jordan Peterson, who gained worldwide fame first as an advocate for free speech and then for his work as a professor and clinical psychologist, was able to clarify what he really meant very deftly, leaving Ms Newman at a loss for words at one point.

Join Dr. Judy today for her take on the media and, in particular, media with an agenda.

Here are the links used in today’s show:

Greg Jenkins interview transcript: Rick Jenkins Interview Transcript

Dr. Wood’s Qui Tam case: Qui Tam Case Details

Steven Jones recruits:Steven Jones Recruits

Jim Fetzer and John Hutchison info: Jim Fetzer grills John Hutchison Audio

This channel has been demonitized since airing Dr. Judy Wood’s show and though this is not the purpose of the stream we have opened the opportunity of supporting our work through the Super Chat option.

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7 thoughts on “February 3, 2018

  1. Congrats on another great show! It’s been taken off YouTube in Germany due to copyright infringement regarding the Jordan Peterson interview, it seems. Can I watch it elsewhere? Thank you for your help in ways innumerable 🙂 keep it up!

    1. Could you perhaps edit the BBC bit out of the show and share a link to it instead? It may sound selfish coming from me, but I’m sure I would not be the sole beneficiary, there are more on this side of the pond eager to hear y’all”s show. Thank you for considering!

    2. Hi Christoph,
      Thanks for your kind comments and for letting me know about the ban. We’ll be working on alternatives in future. You’ll now find a podcast (audio) version of the show in this post and I will add the video in due course.

  2. Hi Joani. I now have now joined. Interesting how fast your broadcast was blocked by You Tube as requested by Channel 4. Makes me think your program is being closely monitored. Glad I can hear the audio now. With respect to John Hutchinson being rudely interviewed by a demeaning tone with respect to his not having academic credentials, everyone should know that in some jurisdictions, anyone can challenge the exams and be recognized as a Professional Engineer without going to any university.✨??

  3. Hi Joani. I am disoriented having just now been at the website. There is a long list of tags alphabetically arranged. Videos galore that a person could spend a lifetime viewing. No tag, however, for Woods, dust, nor Qui Tam. How can they not have a tag even for dust when regardless of Dr. Woods, dust was a huge and obvious consequence of the towers disappearing? And even to acknowledge the seriousness of dust on the respiratory and cancer effects! Is it that they know she holds the FERA placeholder, and that they don’t dare publicize anything connected to her findings or work lest that might result in a ground swell of mass support to demand that she have her day in court? Many of these people seem very sincere. For example has Dr. Woods talked with Hummux or Alison Wier? ✨?? Thanks Myles

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