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Hey! Maybe you clicked on a link that is only available to Character Driven Community members which redirected you to this page. Maybe you saw the invitation on the menu and wanted to find out more. No matter how it happened, we’re glad to see you here and would love to have you join us for a variety of events as part of a global network of creators and audience members.

In uncertain times it’s important to build community- particularly a community of artists, performers, producers and broadcasters who can communicate their ideas to the rest of the world. We offer live and recorded events, social activities, movie nights with both in person and virtual options, member gatherings and meet ups and a variety of unique, creative opportunities to join together physically or virtually.

We offer local folks an opportunity to be part of the live audience as well as to contribute their talents on stage and behind the scenes. We provide the resources, expertise and space to make any event come alive, inviting viewers to join us from any location. If our members have a special celebration that they want to share with others who can’t be part of the occasion in person, we can coordinate all the elements that make their event come together perfectly, including professional quality sound, video and streaming services.

The site is designed in a way that members can interact at whatever level they choose. We have an activity stream that is similar to other social media sites, but it is completely private and viewable only by community members. You can contact one another or post information for everyone to see. Chime in, ask questions, give feedback, offer advice, interact with show guests or check in on what others are up to. We provide up to the minute and real time event information and conversation on the site for those who are not able to attend in person. When you sign in update your profile information and check out the activity stream to see it in action.

Membership involves a nominal annual fee of a Canadian Toonie- or equivalent- as well as telling us a little about you so that we can stay in touch. Any information gathered is completely confidential for administrative purposes only and will not be shared for any reason with any other party. You can opt in to our newsletter to stay informed about upcoming events or simply choose to take advantage of member services as required.

Event tickets, member services and amenities are available to those who have registered on the Character Driven site. Ticket prices are set by the event organizer and range from free to a nominal or reasonable fee to cover costs. Additional services are offered to members only at published rates or as customized packages designed to suit the specific needs of their event. Please note that while we do offer a full range of wedding and event services, we operate on a membership model. Click on the Backstage Pass for full access to the site and all of our membership benefits.

Price: A mere Toonie every year




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