TipsOkay is a totally unique concept, the first community set up solely to benefit creators and innovators via direct support from those who value their contribution and want to purchase their offerings. Unlike crowdfunding site or fundraising campaigns, there’s no need to do much of anything except being your awesome self. This is a place for folks to interact simply and spontaneously, giving tangible support to the people that are making a difference in the world. It’s all in the eye of the beholder as to who needs a tip here and there.

Just like appreciative audiences and supporters in real world situations, they can freely add anyone they want to the site- no fuss no muss. Creators can receive tips for their work and can list items on the site, whether tangible or digital. We’re happy to add anything you can imagine: books, music, innovations, services, flotsam and jetsam of any kind. It’s the easiest way of helping get great stuff into the hands of creators and their audiences, to add reviews and pass along recommendations to friends and family around the globe.

Why ask creators to set up and navigate their own sites, craft campaigns and adminstrate complicated fundraisers when they can simply be left to do their thing while folks like you spread the love?